About Us

It was 1991 when Food Systems Unlimited founder, Biagio Schiano, opened his first store in Orlando's Florida Mall. He quickly realized there was an opportunity to introduce a distinct variety of tasty Asian dishes as a unique alternative to the usual Mall and Airport fare. His goal was NOT to serve "fast food," but rather to serve delicious food quickly. He started with little savings and lots of dreams. Based on hard work, sacrifice, and innovation, he quickly set his own standard for the industry in pursuit of success.

Today, Food Systems Unlimited, Inc., based in Longwood, Florida, serves over 8,000,000 meals annually using only the finest ingredients working with local vendors and suppliers to provide the best dining experience possible. We have been featured in newspapers, television and magazines nationwide including Business Week, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, Yahoo-small business, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Business Journal and many others.

We recognize that quality and flavorful food at a great price is not enough. Our brands place a high priority on customer service to ensure a complete positive experience for the millions of people we serve. It is a commitment that has not changed since our first store opening more than two decades ago when Biagio Schiano said, "always do more than is necessary and keep doing it." It is a promise made to every valued customer. It is our pledge as one of the fastest growing companies in the restaurant industry.

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Great Wall of China
Chinese dragon boat
Smiling woman eating Chinese food with chop-sticks